El Retiro

Top : Topshop ♥ Shorts : Levis ♥ Shoes : Zara Bag : Zara ♥ Sunnies : Dior

Ph Julia
    El Retiro park is one of the most gorgeous, peaceful places I have ever been. We went late enough to get a glimpse of the sunset, especially through the Palacio de Cristal. With a camera, my book and some soothing music I really enjoyed my little trip in the park. The only down point is that the park is full of ferocious mosquitos so bring your lemongrass candles with you ( just kidding don't light a candle in a park, especially in Madrid where the air is extremely dry)


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Museo de la Reina Sofia

Top : Topshop ♥ Pants : Urban Outfitters ♥ Shoes : Zara ♥ Purse : Monki ♥ Sunglasses : Dior

    Bienvenido al Museo de la Reina Sofia ! I've been in Madrid for almost a week now and I absolutely love this city. The people are so nice and I get to practice my terrible spanish skills. Thank god my friend is better than I am otherwise I would already be lost in the middle of nowhere. These pictures were taken in one of Madrid's most famous and unmissable museums. Obviously there were many more rooms but I loved how my outfit matched this one and I loved the architectural vibe of the art work here. I wouldn't recommend wearing pants though, it's so hot in Madrid at that time of the year. I almost lose half my bodyweight in sweat the second I get in the streets (this is just slightly exaggerated).


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Dubrovnik photo diary

   Dubrovnik is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. From the old city (where they shot King's Landing) to the mountains, the seaside or the islands surrounding the city everything about Dubrovnik is breathtaking. My favorite part was definitely the sunsets, they are the most colorful and mesmerizing ! Everything about this city is lovely. The people are really nice, the restaurants are delicious and there is something to see at every corner. If you are not to sensible to hell-like heat I would really recommend Dubrovnik for everyone ! 


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